Escape to the Page

creative writing adventures

Listen to Sandy read her piece, "Summer Backyard", written in an Escape to the Page class.

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Escape to the Page


“Escape to the Page” is a no-pressure,

come-as-you-are creative writing adventure

designed for reluctant and enthusiastic writers alike. It's an invitation to pour yourself (your messy, conflicted, sublime, sometimes timid, sometimes brave self) onto the page.


We come together (virtually or in-person)

to explore our writer-selves through a range of imaginative writing activities and to benefit from the genuinely therapeutic experience of being part of a writing community. Get an inside look at what we do.

Every class is a word expedition—return "home" after each one with pages of writing you can

revisit and build on. 

“There are stories in the air as thick as birds..."

             ― Brian Doyle

Listen to Lisa read her poem written in an

Escape to the Page class.