I am thrilled to announce my partnership with Broad View, a new initiative produced by Madera Group focused on self-care, mutual support, and building resilience during the pandemic, and beyond. While COVID is still with us, our vision is to host virtual gatherings where learning and connection take place across a broad range of topics from self-care and mental health to self-expression and professional development.


Please join us for our first Broad View program, Be Your Valentine, on Sunday, February 14th, from 10:00 - 11:30 PT. We will begin with a meditation using essential oils led by Kathryn Langstaff, followed by a creative writing workshop with Sondra Hall from Escape to the Page. And be sure to be one of the first to follow us on Instagram @broad__view! This initial offering is for women only.


Please see the Be Your Valentine schedule of events, below. The cost for this workshop is $25-$50 on a sliding scale basis. To sign up, RSVP to Amara Weiss (amara@maderagroup.net) and send your payment through Venmo (@amaraweiss) or PayPal. Zoom link will be sent out to participants 24-48 hours prior to the event.


Practice the Power of Love with Kathryn Langstaff (30 minutes)

Join us for a session on the topical and aromatic use of essential oils, and a 15 minute guided meditation. Harmonize your mind and gently lift your emotions through your senses. Choose from Rose, the Oil of Divine Love or Peppermint, the Oil of A Bouyant Heart to entice curiosity. While not necessary, they will enhance your experience. If you choose to order any other essential oils from Kathryn for the workshop, please click here. Kathryn teaches daily self-care through the feminine healing arts of qigong, meditation, and everyday use of essential oils. These healing methods have supported people of all ages through everything life showers upon us, from grief and loneliness to feelings of hope and connection. You can learn more about Kathryn’s classes at Essential Qi.


Come Escape to the Page with Sondra Hall  (50 minutes)

Please join Sondra for her workshop “Escape to the Page,” a come-as-you-are creative writing adventure open to everyone. The pandemic has called on us to marshal our inner resources to cope with the loss of social connection, loved ones, income, and the familiar rhythms of life. Be Your Valentine's writing workshop is a 50-minute writing class inspired by poems and stories of unusual and diverse expressions of love. Show your creative self some love and join us!