D.I.Y. Escape - start anytime!

The D.I.Y. Escape is for writers who prefer a self-paced format, or for those who can't make scheduled class times. It's a series of 8 short videos you can watch anytime, anywhere. Each video features a (never-ordinary) prompt to jump-start your writing, plus some tried and true tips on how to walk the writing path with more bravery, brio, and ease. You can download the videos and return to them whenever you need a spark of inspiration. D.I.Y. Escape also includes two group Zoom calls where we write together, as well as access to a private FB group where you can post your work and read the work of others.

You'll learn to:

  • make a commitment with yourself to escape to the page on a regular basis.

  • come as you are. This is no-pressure pursuit—

        all you have to do is show up

       (even if it's in your pajamas)!

  • allow yourself to throw the need to be "perfect" and "do it right" out the window.

"I love the no-pressure

and no-critique aspect of Sondra's classes. I feel like

I can write whatever I need to and want to, and it doesn't have to be good! It's very freeing!"  

                                   - o.r.

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