About Me

Hi. I'm Sondra Hall. I love words and all of the

stunning, lyrical, surprising and stirring ways

they can be strung together.


For more than twenty-four years, I've gathered with students in college and elementary school classrooms, in old Tuscan farmhouses, at retreat centers and around kitchen tables to explore the curiosities, the power and the joys of the written word. (Read more about my creative writing program for kids, "Take My Word For It!" here.)


I hold a BA in Art history from Tufts University, an MA in Creative Arts Therapy from Lesley University, and I live happily amongst the flora and fauna of Asheville, N.C. with my musician husband, Alan, and our curly-headed dog, Sophie.

“A poem is a bird that, from

its desire to fly, creates itself.”                           - C.S. Hughes